2021-2022 Finances

The following is a breakdown of initial and annual costs.
Please note these costs are subject to change annually.

National Registration                      $29 (annual) Membership Registration
.                                                                     – Paid directly to Trail Life USA by families each year

Adult Member Registration            $29 (annual) Membership Registration
.                                                                     – Annual membership registration with Trail Life USA.
.                                                                     – Paid directly to Trail Life USA by adult volunteers each year

Troop Dues                                      $60 (annual)
.                                                                     – Helps cover Troop budget to supply regular troop meetings and awards.
Trailman Handbook                        $18 (as needed)
.                                                                     – One book for Woodlands Level – Grades K-5
.                                                                     – One book for Navigator and Adventure Level – Grades 6-12
Trailman Uniform Shirt                 $45 (as needed)
.                                                                     – Same shirt is used Grades K-12, but the boys will outgrow their shirts at some point
Special Events (optional)              Additional charges vary based on activity.

Troop Dues

The Troop Board annually determines the amount of dues to be assessed each Trailman to operate a Troop budget. This budget includes badges, Patrol supplies, some camping supplies, crafts and other supplies, general office supplies, and charter fee.

Program Support Fee

Trail Life USA spends far more than $29 per Trailman annually to provide the program. The remaining cost to provide the program comes from the assessment of the Program Support Fee which is $20 per registered Trailman paid to Trail Life USA annually by the Troop.