Troop Charter and Troop Committee

Our troop is a ministry of Harvest Bible Chapel in Elgin.

We received our charter on August 24, 2018.

Troop Charter

The leadership team is a Troop Committee made up of volunteers who have boys in the troop. Trail Life USA has a required set of Troop Committee Leadership positions:

TROOP COMMITTEE: CORE LEADERSHIP TEAM (required Troop Committee positions)

  • Katie Jerome – Troop Ministry Liaison | The Troop Ministry Liaison is the most important Troop leader and is appointed by the Institutional Head.
  • Chad Cartwright – Troop Chaplain | The Troop Chaplain assures that the Troop emphasizes and stays true to its Christian mission (organizing prayer for meetings, services at campouts, etc).
  • Tyler Carlson – Committee Chair | The Committee Chair presides over Troop Committee Meetings, and follows up with Committee members as they complete their work.
  • Jerry Jerome – Treasurer | The Treasurer is a record keeper, maintaining accounts for all financial transaction
  • John Feehan – Troopmaster | Oversees all direct contact leaders (those volunteers who work directly with the boys each week), understands all programmatic operations of the Troop, reports successes and systemic challenges faced by leaders and youth.