Woodlands (K-5th Grade)


Woodlands 2The Woodlands Trail is for Kindergarten through 5th Grade:

  • Foxes – Kindergarten to 1st grade
  • Hawks – 2nd to 3rd grade
  • Mountain Lions – 4th to 5th grade

“Six F’s” to Each Meeting

  • Focus – Program theme
  • Fingers – Hands on activity
  • Fun – Enjoyable Activity
  • Family – Extending the lesson to the home
  • Forest Badge – Skill leaves completed during meeting towards advancement program
  • Faith – Exploring biblical themes related to meeting theme


  • Earn leaves based on attendance, participation in activities/projects (individual or group), mastering skills
  • Leaves fill each of seven branches of interest
  • Upon completing all seven branches over the course of (roughly) two years, earn the Forest Award for that level (Fox, Hawk, Mountain Lion)

Seven branches of interest – collect leaves on each branch to earn branch award:

  1. Heritage
  2. Hobbies
  3. Life Skills
  4. Outdoor Activities
  5. Pioneering Skills
  6. Science and Technology